Happy Summer Music Learning!

Dear Students and Parents:


Well we are winding down for the year…

hopefully things will be back to normal in September!

But until then – please continue to enjoy all the different posts on my webpage.

I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon!

God bless you for a safe and super fun summer!

Sincerely yours, Ms. Mudge



4th and 2nd Grades have new pages dedicated just to them!


“Movement to Music” and “Techy Music Activities for Intermediate – Jr. High”

~~and be sure to check out — the “Sing Along” page!

You can enjoy some of our beloved songs we sing in mass and other repertoire.

Grab a sister, brother, mom, dad — dog or cat – and have fun singing!

 There are worksheets on the page called:

“Music Worksheets”

And to help keep your theory skills sharp, there’s a page for:

“Music Appreciation”

 Maybe you can create your own “playlist” based on the theme ideas listed?

Perhaps your favorite Holy Rosary Music Classroom friend will be visit

with a very special message… Oink! Oink!


Meanwhile know that the entire staff at Holy Rosary are working very hard

to bring you meaningful at-home learning!

Enjoy this funny…

There’s a new bAnD iN tOwN! Woohoo!


We all know the healing power of music… so be sure to enjoy some today! Play some music today… just do it, like no one is listening!!! Put on a concert for your family or line up some unsuspecting stuffed animals or other toy characters. Plants love music and it’s almost Spring – so go sing to your trees!  They will thank you with glorious buds of new life.  Remember to share the joy you have for music with others – how about during your next video chat with gramma and grandpa – sing them a song? Or how about try writing a song? The creative musical experience possibilities are endless…

While school is closed, you can still enjoy some music learning in the safety of your home! Please access the following websites for activities, tutorials, games and quizzes. Please see below.

Have fun, stay safe and healthy —remember that music can contribute to healing!


Here’s a few ideas for your musical enjoyment:

For Primary – Intermediate: this can be found on YouTube – super fun rhythm activities; maybe you have some rhythm instruments hanging around the house? Or make some of your own??



Please check the HRS technology webpage for info about BrainPop – there are some awesome music learning to be had! Mr. Barker can best assist in how to logon.


Reading Rhythms Videos:




Also – a wonderful website for you to consider a subscription to is Prodigies Music.  There are lots of terrific learning for the young musician:

Distance Learning with Prodigies


For Intermediate – Jr. High: this website is terrific! Games for learning music covering many areas of music theory and appreciation. Please note:  some levels will be more challenging than others.



For Intermediate – Jr. High: this website is super user-friendly and offers lots of music theory and appreciation opportunities.



For Grade 4 recorders: YouTube has lots of videos for the songs that we are playing; here are a few of my favorites:

VMM recorder songs playlist



For Grade 5 ukuleles: (If you have one at home!) there are a bazillion ukulele tutorial videos available on YouTube  – search for your favorite song!  If you don’t have a use at home, then consider checking out a couple of awesome ukulele players and their music:

On YouTube search for Jake Shimabukuro and James Hill.  They are phenomenal musicians! I hope they inspire you!!!









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