Music Appreciation

What is “music appreciation?

Well, kind of like it states: appreciation of the music or musical components to which you are listening.

More specifically, growing in understanding and the ability to identify specifically what you hear:

melody, beat, rhythm, form, texture, expression, lyrics, style…

to name a few.


And how about some learning about TEMPO?!

You’ll; be able to define this element of music after you watch!



Let’s play: “Guess The Sound”

Listen to each sound sample and see if you can guess

the correct instrument played.


Here is a fun video showing different genres of music as played on the drum set; can you identify each genre?




Here is a video discussing the element of “Form” or how a song is organized.



This video reminds me of some of the games we play in music class showing the difference between “beat” and “rhythm:


So some classes have been learning about time signatures…

I have created a fun listening activity that highlights very unusual time signatures.  See if you can guess them!


These are seriously hip…  by artist, Dave Brubeck





So how does this activity work?

  1. Download the “Music Appreciation worksheet” for upper grades or “Listening” worksheet for Primary grades (links below)

  2. Choose your favorite song

  3. Use the definition sheet “What To Listen For in Music list of choices” to determine what you hear.

  4. Complete the worksheet to record what you hear.

  5. Video chat with a parent, a friend or gramma & grandpa and share your findings! Tel them what you learned about what you heard.

  6. Then ask them to suggest another song for you OR help them complete the worksheet for one of their songs!

  7. Have fun!


Music Appreciation worksheet


What To Listen For in Music list of choices