STEM+ Activities for Intermediate – Jr. High

Here’s something to satisfy your STEM+ cravings!


Check out these fun projects that connect music with



      Wow! No way!!!

              I wanna make this BOTTLE FLUTE!

                                                      And the BOOMBITEBOX! What???!


Here’s the link…

Check out this website: Midnight Music!

Lots of fun projects and things to build that enhance your musical education. 

Here’s the link…




Here’s a super fun activity wherein you can learn about “pitch” – and “melody”

– you can create a melody instrument and experiment with making different pitches

to create original melodies!

(Note: the blue boxes that read: “PREV” and “NEXT” are not active.)




Try out some of these cool activities on Creatability by Google


Try your hand in directing an AI orchestra using your computer with “Semi-Conductor”!

OR— how about creating a piano keyboard? Try this one…


You can create music just by moving your head!

What?! That’s crazy… give it a try and let me know how you liked it!


And more!… these look fun! From Chrome Music Lab: