Music Activities for Primary – Intermediate

There is much to learn through making things as you know

– perhaps you’ll find something that you will enjoy below.


Have you checked out the awesome SING ALONG page? 

Be sure to also take a peek at the STEM+ page for more fun projects to create!




——How about?

A Rubberband Harmonica!



Here’s the link for these three projects – be sure to view the other exciting ideas they have!

           Or! A Straw Flute!—-


—And who doesn’t want to make

“The most annoying sound

                             in the world”?

     (Please use with caution!)

Hello! Now I would bet that most students have heard of

“Flat Stanley” —right?!

And perhaps you have taken him on a few trips yourself?!

Well – hold on!

~~may I introduce you to  TA! DA!


Flat Beethoven!!!!



You are invited to take Flat Beethoven on a trip in your very own house!

Take pictures and write a little story about his adventures.

Invite him into your favorite spot in your house.

Write a story about about the fun adventures that might happen together.

And— maybe your story and picture will be shown here on the music webpage?

Please have your parent email your work to

Have fun! If you play the piano or another instrument —

Flat Beethoven could be a happy member of your audience!

Or maybe Flat Beethoven will help you bake some cookies?!

I look forward to hearing where Flat Beethoven goes!




But Wait! There’s more…


Do you enjoy doing crafts?

How about making your very own musical instruments?

Click on this link to find directions to make your very own

“Tin Can Telephone” or

“Coffee Can Drums”!

There’s lots more ideas on this website for kids and music. (Thank you, Dallas Symphony Orchestra!)

And – if you make something – again, please snap a pic and send to

Ms. Mudge!

Look forward to see your instruments!