Recorder Order Information

Dear Parents: Be sure to complete the recorder & instruction booklet order form with the color choice for the recorder. If you forgot to do include this, please email: with your child’s color choice of blue, green or pink.   All order due by (TBA – Sept 2018).            Thank you!  Ms. M. 😉


4th Grade is going “GREEN”!


This year in Music Class, the 4th Grade will be using a recycled soprano (Baroque fingering) recorder. You may be wondering about the cleanliness factor – they have been well sanitized for your child’s safety. The instruction booklets are also gently used, and will see us through another year. Both items are being provided free of charge. They will need to be returned at the end of the school year. In the event that these borrowed items are permanently misplaced, a charge of $6 per item will be due in order to replace the items.

Students will have the option to order and purchase a NEW recorder for $6 and/or instruction booklet also $6. Having access to a set at home would allow your child the ease in not having to transport the these items back and forth to school for music class.

We have chosen an excellent, high quality brand (“Yamaha”) in the hopes that it will last several years.  If your child enjoys playing the “recycled” recorder and/or the booklet, they will have the option of keeping the recycled one for a nominal fee of $3 each.  The collection of these fees will be facilitated at the end of the year. This will certainly help our general school budget if we are able to use these instruments for more than one year.  If you purchase your own – we use a “soprano” recorder, Baroque fingering).

Order form link for items can be found on the 4th Grade class webpage.