In music class, kindergarteners begin to learn life lessons through the lens of music!

At the beginning of the year, we talk about the question: How can I be safe, respectful, and responsible in the music classroom? The conversation continues throughout the year in practice through music. Students learn to work collaboratively with each through partner and group dance/rhythm and they practice being safe and responsible with the variety of instruments we use.

Kindergarten students begin learning about basic music terminology: pitch, beat, and rhythm. They get to practice these fundamentals of music through singing, movement, and the use of non-pitched percussive instruments.

Recently, our kindergarteners have enjoyed learning a song called “Germs” which is about washing their hands and covering their coughs; “I’m gonna get those germs!” is the main theme of the song! I use Music Play Online curriculum (Denise Gagne) which provides this, and many other lessons that they can take with them beyond the music classroom!

For our current Kindergarteners, here is a link to the highly requested “Ah-Yay” dance by DJ Raphi.