6th graders will learn the basics of ukulele playing in music class. More information to come.

Smaller than a guitar (and with fewer strings), the ukulele is a great instrument for young beginners! I will be teaching ukulele in a class setting. Students will get the opportunity to work with me and each other to learn the basics of playing the ukulele. What they learn this year in music class will give them a base to work from, should they choose to continue their practice on this musical instrument!

Playing the ukulele will give students the opportunity to use what they have learned in music class so far. Students will get the opportunity to perform and create with the ukulele. They will learn to read notes and rhythms, feel the beat, hear pitches, and read simple chords. Once these 6th graders learn a couple chords, the opportunities are endless for any song they might want to play!

Some helpful resources for parents and students:

Why Ukulele? –

Why kids should learn the ukulele

Advice for continued learning – Ukulele for Young Beginners


We have ukuleles at Holy Rosary to use during this unit, but if you are interested in purchasing your own affordable Ukulele –

Guitar Center


I would recommend a soprano ukulele. Good ukuleles usually range from $40-$150. Up-keep is very simple, with care they will last a very long time!