Sing Along


Here are some SUMMER songs specially chosen for you.

The lyrics are in the videos so it’s easy to sing along!


Let’s enjoy the sunshine and song!



It’s Field Day week!

So to join in the fun musically speaking…

Let’s get HAPPY!!!!!!!!!






“The National Anthem”


“Take Us Out to the Ballgame”!

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”! Go Mariners!!!

So much sunshine out there to enjoy! Here’s one of my favorites:

“You Are My Sunshine”!


hApPy CiNcO dE mAyO!!!!!!




 It’s Spring! It’s the Easter season –

So let’s enjoy some songs for this beautiful time of year!

Just click on the links and you’re ready to sing along!

Enjoy & Happy Easter!!!

Remember: We are in this together.  So you know you can…

“Count on Me”



Now… vintage is in!

Here are a few perhaps your grandparents might remember – they are classics!

And are about Spring!!!- so take a listen! You might just find one you like…





Jesus Christ is Risen Today



My Redeemer Lives


And some songs for Spring…


And a little something from Pentatonix– Sing!


Sing! from The Carpenters


If I Were a Butterfly


The Garden Song



Here’s some songs for “Holy Week”… please enjoy with your family as you celebrate this holiest of weeks.

Here is a little singing challenge using our solfeggi syllables:





Here is the video for the song that Grade 2 was going to present for their prayer service; learn the hand signs, then the lyrics are in the following video.


And here’s another awesome song – make up your own actions!



Here I Am To Worship


Mrs. Clarke’s favorites…

Holy Is Your Name


You Alone


And our 8th Grade Liturgical dance song: (hopefully we’ll get to see them dance and sing this in June!)

Hail Mary Gentle Woman


And something make you smile:


Put on a Happy Face


Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive

(sung by a guy who was in a group called The Beatles – ask your parents…maybe they’ve heard of Paul McCartney)


The Rainbow Connection