Students in Grade 5 will learn to play the soprano ukulele. Students will use this sweet little instrument in class to deepen their knowledge of music theory. All students are required to bring their music binder and any handouts from class to each music class. Students may purchase their own – but it is not required.  Students may bring one from home to use in class. If your student is excelling – more music will be provided; OR – there are tons of wonderful lessons for free found online.


Ukulele classes at HRS:

5A has class on Mondays

5B has class on Thursdays


Though you do not have to purchase your own ukulele…

A decent quality ukulele can be quite affordable:  (Please avoid purchasing the “toy” ones found at souvenir shops in Hawaii. Those are great for decorating your shelf!) There are several excellent local retail sources. Please check the “Music Stores” listings on this webpage for names and addresses —or try Amazon – HRS gets a percentage back if you buy from that source!  A terrific ukulele down not have to cost hundreds of dollars!  A “Kala” or “Mahalo” brand is excellent.  Also – to make your instrument really “sing” – you can try replacing ordinary strings with “Aquilla” strings AND —why not get a “Snark” tuner to keep it in tune!  See some examples below found on Amazon:


Aquila Strings


Snark Tuner



Donations always welcome! Is there a ukulele sitting in the corner at home collecting dust? We are always accepting donations for our program— any condition! Donations accepted any time of the year!

Here is an example of a STEM+ activity wherein students explore the anatomy of this fabulous instrument – working in groups, students are challenged to create a visual replica of the ukulele using yarn.  Skills of observation, group collaboration, Math, Language Arts and Visual Arts are used.   And most importantly— the kids are having fun!

Mahalo & here’s to a terrific year in music!

IMG_3303yRN ukulele






Check out some cool ukulele players! Take a listen to: Jake Shimabukuro play “Bohemian Rhapsody” at cover


James Hill play his version of “Billie Jean” at

—they have many more cool songs on!


Is there someone who you think really rocks on the uke?  Please let me know!