Welcome to Music!

Hello! I am Julia Beck, your music teacher! I recently graduated from the College of Saint Benedict with a degree in piano performance and a minor in theology. I am currently serving Holy Rosary as a part of the PACE program through the University of Portland, working towards a Masters in the Art of Teaching.

“Behold, I make all things new!”(Revelations 21:5) As I am a new member of this community, the music program may look a bit different from years in the past! This fall, students are learning and experiencing the meanings of important music terms (pitch, beat, rhythm, expression, etc.) and we will use these understandings to begin learning music for our upcoming Christmas program on December 15, 2022! In the spring, older students (4-7) will be focusing on a variety of instruments (recorders for 4th/5th, ukuleles 5th/6th, guitar and keyboard 7th). Throughout the year, we will also be learning music for the weekly student Masses.

I am so excited to be a part of this community over the next few years, and to meeting and getting to know all of our awesome parents and incredible students!