6th Grade Guitar Heroes!!!!!!

Rock on! The 6th Graders will be doing that this year on GUITARS!!!!!!!!!!

Students in Grade 6 will learn to play the acoustic guitar. Students will borrow this sweet little instrument to use in class to deepen their knowledge of music theory. All students are required to bring their music binder and any handouts from class to each music class.


Though you do not have to purchase your own guitar…

A decent quality one can be affordable:  (Please avoid purchasing the “toy” ones found at big box stores.) There are several excellent local retail sources. Please check the “Music Stores” listings on this webpage for names and addresses —or try Amazon – HRS gets a percentage back if you buy from that source!  A few lower-end brand names include:

Yamaha, Fender, Epiphone, and Rogue


Size is important so, likes shoes— there are different sizes so it’s best to go try on a few and see which suits you.  You’d be surprised how nicely a half-size fits both the body and budget!




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