Music Program Curriculum


Holy Rosary School

Music “STEM+” Program

            We are fortunate at HRS to recognize the added value of music and how it works to offer the student a well-rounded educational experience. To achieve this, the HRS music curriculum employs the “STEM +” philosophy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and! the Arts). Let’s explore how this happens…


One example of how the subject area of music connects with the STEM + philosophy is when students collaborate together to problem-solve utilizing music concepts. Students ask and answer the question, “Why is pitch important to understanding music?” In answer this, students manipulate one of the many musical tools available, such as Boomwhackers® (plastic tubes made of brightly-colored hard plastic of varying lengths, that make up the pitches of the musical scale). Both sight and sound engage the student while they learn to produce sound from each tube and discover the correct ascending or descending scale. Students are involved in the problem-solving process through use of trial and error, observation, and synthesis, in order to decide the correct order of the pitches of the musical scale.


In addition, this cross-curricular activity allows students to apply skills and knowledge, using Math and Science (ordering tubes by size and sound), Language Arts (naming the pitches with the first seven letters of the alphabet), and Visual Arts (using the colors of the rainbow). Social and life skills components are evidenced when students communicate their opinions and knowledge and as they collaborate to reach strategies and solutions together.


This activity is just one of the many ways that students are exhibiting that STEM + is alive and well in the HRS music classroom. To see more ways that STEM + is being implemented, please visit the Holy Rosary School Music webpage and other social media venues for updates regarding the exciting things your students are up to this year. Here’s to a wonderful year filled with discovery and new music learning! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at   Thank you!



            A COMMUNITY of MUSIC!


              Students enjoy a well-rounded musical experience at HRS. They participate musically in the Christmas Program,  (held in Holy Rosary Church), at the weekly prayer services, and at our liturgies.   Students also delight their grandparents and special senior friends at the Grandparents Luncheon performance in January.  In May, the Talent Show allows students to individually showcase their musical self, as well!  More opportunities abound for Grades 5 – 8 —they can join the school band, under the direction of Ms. Frances McKamey; Grades 2 – 8 can participate the Children’s Choir, directed by Mr. Paul Doljesi.


              The music curriculum aligns itself with the Washington State Educational Standards for Music Education and the Seattle Archdiocese Curriculum for the Arts.  The elements of music are studied through STEM + (see above) activities that integrate the art modalities of dance & creative movement, drama, poetry, storytelling, technology, and visual art.  This allows for a deeper and more well-rounded experience while engaging the seven distinct multiple intelligences (logical-mathematical, spatial, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and interpersonal) within each activity.  Throughout the year, students use a variety of musical instruments including their voice — hand percussion, hand drums, the piano keyboard, the soprano recorder, the acoustic guitar, the soprano ukulele, and glockenspiels.

                                                      Thank you & have a terrific year!

                                                                Janet Mudge

                                                                Music Specialist, Pre-K – 8th Grade,