Let’s keep the Aloha Spirit going!

So the auction was a HUGE success –

but why stop now?!

Here’s some more wonderful Hawaiian music!


And of course we have to hear Jake!



My fav… Brudda Iz singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – sing along –

the lyrics are included! BEST song ever!



Here’s some songs & dance to get you in the mood for for our annual auction!

Online bidding happens April 23-26 (please see the main Holy Rosary webpage for more details).

Thank you for your generous support!


Let’s start the celebration by singing a Hawaiian tune and doing a hula!!! 





Everybody loves the “Hukilau”!

Grab your grass skirt and lei – and join in this fun dance!




Now you know the dance moves, how about the lyrics the Hukilau?



And of course – we cannot forget Moana!




And Lilo and Stitch!!! Hawaiian Roller Coaster!!!  Yahoo!