Folk Songs

Hey, kids…

Here’s some sing alongs

about life in the Pioneer days.





Let’s start with some songs has some interesting significance for Holy Rosary School!

The composer of many beloved Americana tunes including the well-known,

“Oh! Susanna”, was a man named Stephan Foster.

He was a relative of some HRS alumni!!!


Years ago I had a wonderful conversation with the historian of the family…

A very cool connection indeed; she related really interesting details and

some lesser-known tidbits of information about his life.

  • Mr. Foster did not enjoy a very happy life – in fact he was quite lonely
  • As a reaction to his personal struggles, he wrote about what he saw around him
  • His songs reflected life and times of days gone by
  • People enjoyed his lyrics and loved his melodies
  • There was a universal sense of “we’re all on this together” wherein people could relate
  • He composed many, many songs but didn’t receive proper credit for them while he was alive
  • Unfortunately he was addicted to alcohol and was never able to overcome it
  • He died in poverty despite all the huge number of songs that he wrote
  • It was only until after his death that people truly learned to appreciate his creativity and craft
  • He was honored with the title of “The Father of American Music”
  • His music has been well-loved and recorded by countless musicians

Here are some sing alongs as well some just to listen and enjoy.  

Please now enjoy the works of Stephen Foster!


More contemporary versions of Foster’s music…

So here are some other songs by other composers…

Grab a partner and do a little dance! Song along!

Ask your parents off they know this one!


Now for a real treat! Vintage Hillbilly band! The lyrics are pretty easy –

see if you can join in!

And don’t forget to say: “Yeehaw!”